Band Members Band Members Jack Wright / Guitars

Beginning at a very early age, Jack Wright studied percussion with the likes of Joseph Levitt, former Principle Percussionist of the National Symphony. A self taught guitarist, Jack still dabbles with various instruments but has over the years adopted the guitar as his primary mode of musical expression. In the late 80's Jack joined with former covers band member Tom Shiben to form The Quantum Kids. The Quantum Kids have composed and produced hours of highly original and innovative music that reflects a true synthesis of jazz, fusion, blues, avante guard and ‘70’s art rock influences. Jack’s early percussion training manifests with a proclivity for alternate time signatures and the meticulous attention to drum sequencing found within The Quantum Kids recordings. While continuing with The Quantum Kids, Jack participates in various permutations of The Madmen, Madkids and Madkid Disease projects. Most recently Jack has teamed with Doc, Celia, Mez, and the others on the Drummstick project.

Neil Mezebish / MIDI Sax

Neil Mezebish is the leader of The Madmen, a group of diverse musicians, specializing in electronic improvisation. Some of their work can be heard on local TV commercials and independent films, like Kente, by George Williams. Here they are recording their latest efforts! The Madmen are: Neil Mezebish: MIDI sax, Mike Hall: electric guitar, "Neng" Canzon: electric bass, E. Doctor Smith: Drummstick and electronic drums, and occassionally The "Mad Swede", Eric Dahlman: trumpet, and Seth Elgart: keys! Mez on his Yamaha WX5 MIDI sax controller! He has an incredible assortment of sounds and samples at his disposal, giving the Madmen a truly global sound! Chords, voices and percussion are but a few of Mez's musical contributions! Located near Taylorsville, Maryland, "The Barn" is the Madmen's studio. Mez has 48 tracks, 60 gigabytes of space and Cubase VST. Backing up Mez with his new MIDI controller is Seth Elgart!

Celia DuBose / Bass & Vocals

With songwriting partner, guitarist Meredith Anderson, Celia performed in the band Z Axis throughout the 1980s. Her San Francisco Bay area trio opened for many of the most popular bands of the day, including Billy Idol, the Gang of Four, Red Hot Chile Peppers, Fishbone, the Violent Femmes, and Primus, and did several studio recordings produced by improvisational guitarist Henry Kaiser. Celia worked with a number of bands before moving to Washington, DC. After a stint in a top-40 band that toured the West Coast and Alaska, She performed with the group Mud Hut, an African pop band that featured E. W Wainright, the founder of the band African Roots of Jazz, on drums. In her last two years as a student at the University of California, Berkeley, she studied in the music department with master drummer and dancer C.K. Ladzekpo, of Ghana. Celia played bass and sang in the twenty-voice group Vucani Mawethu, which performed South African freedom songs in Zulu, Xosa, and English. The group, which performed for cultural and political events and gave five percent of its earnings to the African National Congress, shared the stage with Nelson Mandela in his Oakland Coliseum appearance shortly after his release from Robben Island. "My current involvement with Mr. Drummstick himself, began when he and I formed a rhythm section in the DC-based band Artbeat."  -Celia

             Members Auxillary

Seth Elgart / Synthesizers

Synthesist and keyboardist Seth Elgart is a well known for his Tangerine Dream inspired sounds. "Elgie" , as he is affectionately known, first met Doc in New York City in 1979, during his tenure with the Brian Eno produced group, The Same, featuring Carter Burwell, Cloda Simmons, Chip Johannsen, Stanley Adler, and Stephen Bray. It was during this time that Elgie and Doc began their musical collaborations. Elgie's keyboard work was also the driving force behind the New York art rock group Everest with Doc, Steve Britt and Mike Salant.

In 1987, Elgie and Doc collaborated on Washington, DC's Source Theatre production of "The Mound Builders", directed by Brian Hemmingsen. Inspired by the Bill Bruford and Patrick Moraz duet albums, they combined their love of electronic music to form the duo, ESSE. Since that time, Elgie has joined Doc in many of his other muscial projects, including, Feat of Clay, Steve Ellison's Bangtime, UFQ, and most recently, The Drummstick. Elgie sites as some his influences, Jan Hammer, Todd Rundgren, Roger Powell, David Gilmour, Tony Banks, Rod Argent, Peter Gabriel, Rick Wakeman, Dave Stewart, (NOT the bloke from the Eurythmics!), Brian Eno, and Larry Fast. Elgie and Doc are also recording an all-MIDI culmination of their 20 year association, K2.

Elgie informs us that his first recording studio was a Mini-Moog, and a Radio Shack answering machine!

Eric Dahlman / Trumpet & Jamman

Eric Dahlman (aka "The Mad Swede"), studied trumpet with the likes of Steve Hendricksen, Principle Trumpet of the National Symphony, and spent time in Chicago playing with the late great Hal Russell and his NRG Ensemble. Dahlman grew up in New England with long time musical chum Steve Ellison, and in the 1980's joined along with Doc and Seth Elgart, Ellison's Bangtime, the last incarnation of the Texas based group Flash to Bangtime, (with Joseph Brenna)! In 1990, inspired by the David Torn-Bill Bruford album "Cloud About Mercury", Dahlman and Doc formed a Boston based, jazz/rock quartet called Feat of Clay, with bassist Mike Terry and guitarist Tom Hevey.

Dahlman also performed with Doc, in the group Grey Matter, with Jed, and Don Dinicola of the Harvard Electronic Music Society. In 1996, Feat of Clay was reformed with Renato Canzon, and Jeff Solano. Dahlman continues to perform, from San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago, to New York, and New England. His Miles Davis and Mark Isham influences, and the use of effects like the Lexicon Jamman, IVL Pitchrider 2000, and his latest creation, the Trident Trumpet, has won him many fans around the USA! He has recently recorded for films with Brendan Canty of Fugazi for the Discovery Channel, and with Doc. He currently plays with Boston's acclaimed Aarvark Orchestra, lives in Cambridge, and holds a plus score in tennis against Doc (on clay of course)!

Jack Wright, Neil Mezebish, Celia DuBose, and E. Doctor Smith and the Drummstick,
performing in 2002  at the Metro Cafe in Washington, D.C.. Photo by Fernando Sandoval