Here are some of Doc's favorite links, music, Macs, and more! 

Adobe  Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat.
Adelante  These guys are great!
Akai  Samplers and Stuff.
Aladdin  Stuffit Expander and Drop Stuff.
Alesis  Drum modules, synths, and samplers.
Apple Computers  Macintosh HQ.
Artbeat  A D.C. musical group Doc performs with.
Babylon 5   the Sci Fi show.
Bela Fleck & the Flecktones  One of Doc's favorite bands.
Beyond Chron  Home of Doc's new online music column!
Bill Bruford  Doc's favorite British drummer.
Sandip Burman  After Zakir and Trilok, who is better?! The Bomb.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer  The Scoobies fight evil in Sunnydale! Grrrr, Arrgh!
City Sessions  Monthly music showcases in SF!
DC Vote  The Coalition for D.C. Voter Representation in Congress!
Digitech  Effects.
The Discovery Channel  TLC, The History Channel, and more.
Doctor Who  Doc's favorite British Sci Fi show!
Eclipse Lightworks  Chris Weber, Lighting Guru.
Edgetone Records  Rent Romus’s avant garde label!
Facing East  John Wubbenhorst and Sandip Burman!
Fugazi  No one plays louder better. They WILL rock you.
Giant Page O'Bookmarks  My main man Elgie, Synthesist, and Mac guru!
Human Chess  Sharilyn and the Williamsburg Chess Club for wayward men and women!!
The Icon Factory  Icons for your Mac.
Innerviews  Anil Prasad's awesome musician interview page!!!
Iomega  Zip and Jaz drives.
Jazz is Dead  Alphonso and Cobham ruled...
Henry Kaiser  Celia's guitar chum and Z Axis producer!
Kensington  Mac trackball mice.
LCS Audio  My boy Ellison's Matrix audio Company!
The Los Angeles Times  L.A.'s fishwrap.
Lux  Dustin Sacks' awesome Risk game for Mac OS X!!
MacAddict  The best Mac mag.
Macintosh OS  The Macintosh Museum.
Macworld  The best Mac convention.
Mark of the Unicorn  The Mac MIDI Interface guys.
The MIDI Farm  MIDI files for days.
John Moremen  Mormy's an amazing guitarist, and swings on drums with the Orange Peels!
Montana Jazz   The great jazz saxophonist Wilbur Rehmann's amazing jazz website!
The New York Times  NY fishwrap.
Tom Principato Band  Doc's favorite D.C. blues guitarist!....Torro and Perry add to the fun!
Mickey Hart-Planet Drum  Wild stuff...I love Molo on drums! 
ProtestWorks  Products for protest, profits for peace!
Peter Fox    My man “Foxy”, great songwriter and pianist!
Quantum Kids  Jack Wright's band.
Risk  Next to Chess, Doc's favorite board game.
Roland  Drum modules and synths.
SKB Cases  Sturdy road cases.
Dave Stewart/Barbara Gaskin  England's greatest pair of unsung musical hereoes.
SETI@home  Search for ET with a great screen saver.
Star Trek-TNG  Data steals the show.
Synthmuseum  It's all there.
Sound Exchange  Digital Royalties!
The State Theatre  My old FOH gig.
Tangerine Dream  No one in Germany does it like these guys.
Tony Shepperd  My Engineering mentor and RADAR guru!!
US Chess Federation  Still searching for Bobby.
UFQ: The Unidentified Flying Quartet, Doc’s all-new jazz group.
The Charles Unger Experience  San Francisco’s legendary saxophonist
US Tennis Association  McEnroe, Agassi, Sampras, and the colorful Bud Collins.
The Washington Post  THE D.C. fishwrap.

Last updated October 17, 2006.
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