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1995: Between the Lines, the first band featuring the Drummstick
1996: The Drummstick in Sierra Madre, California
1996: Mabel’s Pass with Siobhan Canty, Kami Rowan & VA Masius
1999: Doc with Carlos Augustus and his DC Artbeat group
2001: Doc with Sandip, Howard Levy, Wubbenhorst & Bollenback
2002: Doc with Jack Wright, Neil Mezebish & Ceila DuBose
2002: The Drummstick band in SF with Tranque and LCJ
2006: Doc with Peter Fox, Wilbur Rehmann & Mike Shea
2005: Doc with guitarist John Moremen
2006: The Feat of Clay/Flash to Bangtime/K2 Reunion show
2006: Doc with Steve Ellison’s Flash to Bangtime
2006: Doc with Seth “Elgie” Elgart & poet Robert Anbian
2006: Doc with Mike Terry and Charles Unger
2006: Doc and  Eric Dahlman photo by Peter B. Kaars
2006: Doc with Elgart, Terry, Hevey, Dahlman & Unger
2006: Doc with Charles Unger and Sam Peoples
2006: The UFQ, with Robert Anbian and Sam Peoples
2006: the UFQ, with Doc and Charles Unger
2007: The UFQ CD Release Show!
2007: The Drummstick 2 CD Show
2007: Jack, Doc and Neil
2007: Unger, Doc and Robert Anbian
2007: Cas Lucas and  Doc in the Fillmore “Poster Room”!
2007: Doc, Unger and Sam Peoples