Here's what people have said about E. Doctor Smith and the Drummstick...

Stephen Bray, Producer-Madonna 
"From the banjo-meets-Bruford tribal groove of "Futureboy" to the atmospheric sonic landscapes of "Girl of a Thousand Days," E. Doctor Smith treads a musical road less traveled. His intrepid ensemble's acid jazz explorations wander into every world musical nook and cranny, making this collection a trip well worth taking."

Roy "Futureman" Wooten, Drummer-Bela Fleck
"The Drummstick, yeah, that's real beautiful man. Futureboy...Thanks man, that's really nice...You got that symetrical thing going on, that's cool. I did the same thing with the ROYEL... Let me show you these triplets, it's really inside..."

Curt Bisquera, Drummer-Seal 
"Man, this thing is really, really cool!"

Bill Bruford, Drummer-King Crimson 
"You know, You look remarkably like Billy Cobham."

Mickey Hart, Drummer-Planet Drum 
"Drummstick? Is it wireless? What kind of sounds are in it?"

Michael Shrieve, Drummer-Santana 
"Sounds interesting. I've been using these Theremins lately."

Brendan Canty, Drummer-Fugazi
"Hey Doc, that sounded great...where's mine?"

Sandip Burman, Tabla-Facing East
"I like your song Eric, it's a very beautiful song...
The Thousand Day Girl?...Your hands move! Can you make me a tabla like this?"

Paul Wertico, Drummer-Pat Metheny 
"Man, I can't wait to hear that thing...
You want to sit with us on my tune Clyburn Strut?"

Pepe Gonzales, Bassist-Imani
"Eric, I really like what you get out of that stick man,
...I thoroughly enjoyed it, each and every cut...Congratulations Bro!" 

Victor Wooten, Bassist-Bela Fleck 
"Where's my CD? You gave my brother a CD, and you didn't give me one?"

Ron Holloway, Saxaphonist-D.C. All Stars 
"Very impressive. You invented an instrument!! Wow!
That's heavy, man. Good for you!...You'll have to come up and sit-in on your ax."

John Wubbenhorst, Bansurist-Facing East 
"Hey man, that thing is the pip!!

Tom Principato, Guitarist-Tom Principato Band 
"Oh my God E, that thing is amazing!...Torro, you're out of a job!

Paul Bollenback, Guitarist-Joey DeFrancesco 
"Whoa Schmeric!! Is that you playin' those tabla sounds?!

Howard Levy, Harmonist/Bela Fleck
"Hey, that thing seems kind of familiar to me!"

Bill Kirchen, Guitarist-Too Much Fun
"What in the hell is that thing?!...C'mon E, let's play Wipe Out!"

John, Mayall, Guitarist-Bluesbreakers
"Where's Eric?...Oh Yes Eric, we are going to rock and roll!"

Eric Brace, Writer-Washington Post 
"E. Doctor Smith and his MIDI-fied instrument...
Howard Levy, Sandip Burman, Paul Bollenback, John Wubbenhorst...
There's going to be some serious playing..."

Catfish Hodge, Guitarist-D.C. All Stars 
" ...Really cool stuff and well played!"

Bon Lozaga, Guitarist-Gong 
"That was a fun jam! Did you make that thing?"

Andre Calihanna, Writer-MAPPS Magazine
"This, theoretically, could sound like crap. In actuality it's really pretty cool, plus he's good at it....the rim shots and bass drum sounds great."

Michael Verdick, Recording Engineeer -Madonna, Brian Ferry - 
"Sir Eric, I think you've got something here."

Jerry Harris, Writer -Lexington Gazette 
"Particularly noteworthy was a "drum" solo by the Doctor that received extended applause...Smith's solo showed the versatility and range of his percussion instrument - a large block of wood wired to several key pads that allow him to reproduce almost any percussion sound. His performance of bell and cymbal sounds filled the room with a resounding sound reminiscent of a handbell choir."

"Diamond" Dave Whitaker, KPOO FM-Diamond Dave Show 
" Man...It's digital and it's organic...It flows from you man..."

Helen Light, WXPN FM-Light Lunch 
" Marvelous creation, wonderful instrument."

Cyndy Drue, WMMR FM-Morning Rock 
"Pay close attention when you see the thing, it's really something special."

Gordon, Brian and Victor-The Violent Femmes 
" Man, that's pretty cool! Did you make that? Yeah?"

Tony Shepperd, Recording Engineer-Whitney Houston, Elton John 
"You the man, brotherman!
A lot of possibilities here, a lot. Samples. People are gonna love this thing."

Security Guard -Baltimore Washington Internaional Airport Security 
"This is a musical instrument, right?"

Security Guard -San Francisco International Airport Security -
"Can you take off your shoes and show us how this works?"

John Moremen, Guitarist, Drummer-Orange Peels 
"Wow Schmere. I need to show up at a gig with this man!!"

Jersey Joe Brenna, Guitarist-Between the Lines 
"You are never gonna play real drums again Doctor!"

Celia DuBose, Bassist-Z Axis, The Drummstick 
"I thought, Oh my God , he's a geek"

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