The Drummstick rig starts out with the Roland PM-16 MIDI interface. Doc patches his Drummstick directly into the Roland's 16 analog inputs, then routes it, and all of the other modules, to the MIDI Timepiece II, or MIDI Timepiece AV. The RFX pedal also connects to the MTP II, and controls the volume of each of the modules!

The DM Pro, S2000, TD-7, and QuadraVerb, are patched to the Mackie mixer, and are powered by two Mackie 450 watt SRM450 monitors. Doc also uses Akai's MESA II sample editing software on his PowerBook for the S2000, and an Iomega Zip drive to store his samples. His VW Beetle runs on the fabulous vegetable-oil fuel, Biodiesel!


Doc has been asked many questions over the years, about the Drummstick. On this page he'll attempt to answer some of those, and raise a few more!

How did you come up with the design of the Drummstick?

 "I remembered seeing a concert with Bobby McFerrin drumming on his chest, and he had Wayne Shorter on sax. Very percussive! I used to practice that a lot. I also remembered that my friend Steve Ellison, played a Chapman Stick. It also uses a technique that reminded me of what I saw Bobby McFerrin do. So when I thought about making an instrument, those experiences came to mind."

How did you make the Drummstick? 

"The Drummstick was milled by Nick Carson and myself. It is made of Red Oak. Red Oak is not as light as some other woods, but I liked the color. The original was made from a 2"x 8"x 6' piece cut 42" long. The Drummsticks are now 36 inches."

What are the triggers on the Drummstick?

 "The triggers are basically piezo transducers, siliconed to rubber pads. The first Drummstick had wooden pogs that I painted! They were very responsive, but were hard on my fingers. It took me a while to find the right rubber, and thickness. The triggers are soldered to the cable port, which connects to a Mogami cable."

Are there any sounds in the Drummstick? 

"No. The Drummstick itself is an analog instrument. Think of it as a miniature electronic drum kit, like the drum kits Roland makes, or like a Drum Kat. Like many of those kits, it needs a MIDI interface, or sound module."

Does the Drummstick have any onboard MIDI? 

"No. right now the Drummstick has no onboard MIDI. I am currently designing a motherboard with John Haefele of Unetix, with PAVO MIDI Tool parts. The ergonomics of the Drummstick required a lot of research and development!"

How are you able to play all of those drum sounds, samples, and chords?

 "The Drummstick is routed to a Roland PM-16, MIDI Interface. I use it to assign MIDI note numbers, and channels, to each of the 16 pads. I can also layer different drum sounds and samples. This allows me to trigger multple sounds with one pad. I could use other interfaces too , but I just happen to like using the Roland."

How can I get a Drummstick? 

"For now, the Drummsticks are not for sale. I am currently looking at some new materials for the Drummstick, MIDI, and wireless capabilities! I will keep people up to date via the website. Any unauthorized attempts to manufacture, reproduce, sell, or copy the Drummstick, will be referred to my attorney, Mr. Ken Tarlow of Corte Madera, California!"

Thanks to Seth Elgart for helping me with the Drummstick drawing.
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